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Elite Trainer, Therapist, Multilingual Motivational

Hi I'm Sahand Mokhberi and I am here to support you to achieve your full potential through the power of breath and science-backed techniques. As a speaker and expert in holistic health, I specialize in helping high-level professionals like CEOs, athletes, and corporate leaders achieve peak performance, resilience, and well-being.

Embark on a journey of resilience and empowerment where breath becomes the bridge between adversity and triumph. Despite my own childhood challenges with vision problems due to auto-immune disease, scoliosis, and poor mental health. I had to find a holistic way to heal and live a life full of vitality and freedom, which has led me to become a massage & fascia therapist, performance coach and a global leader in breathing education.​

I now teach the exact methods that helped me cure my eyes and my body using to inspire my audiences to harness the power of breath as a tool for improved clarity, performance, and self healing .​

Book me as your next speaker. you won't be disappointed. 

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